Compliance Plates for Boats

Boat Compliance Plates
Compliance Plates Australia understands that the Australian Builders Plate (ABP) is a key feature of the safety compliance for recreational boats in Australia. It is essential that all boats comply with the requirements in order to supply a suitable compliance plate.

A competent person must determine information for all ABP. They are identified as a person who has acquired training, qualification, experience, or a combination of these. The competent person can either be:
- The builder
- The importer
- A third-party competent person (e.g. marine surveyor or naval architect)

Boat Compliance Plate

Compliance Plates Australia ensures that all guidelines and standards are met for all boat compliance plates. They all must provide:
- Safety information for the boat user
- Easily visible (preferably near the steering position or in the cockpit)
- Include logo, name and contact details on the plate to promote your business
- Number of passengers and load limits
- Buoyancy statement (boats over 6 meters do not require this statement)
- Engine capacity
- All plates will be waterproof, resist salt water, abrasion, outdoor exposure, chipping and most industrial solvents and chemicals.

Boat Compliance Plate

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