Compliance Plates Australia

Compliance Plates Australia provide industry quality plates that are approved by all Australian Standards and Australian regulations. Please submit your enquiry on the Online Enquiry Form for peace of mind and our team will be sure to contact you as soon as possible.

We supply all types of compliance plates - aluminium plates, stainless steel plates, construction labels & laser coloured plates. We provide delivery all across Australia.

Our Plates range include:

Compliance plate applications include :
- Trailers and Box Trailers- VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
- Motor Vehicles
- Boats - Australian Builders Plate (ABP)
- Boats - Hull Identification Number) (HIN
- Compliance plates for fireplaces
- Lifts & elevator compliance plates
- Fireplace compliance plates
- Gas appliances plates
- Conversion compliance plates
- Switchboard Labels and Electrical Boards