Building and Construction Compliance Plates

Compliance Plates Australia manufactures any custom building plates for all construction purposes. We provide plates and signage for some of the leading business organisations in Australia today. As simple as a danger sign to the most extremes as the company logo identification plates. All our plates all laser engraved by specialists who will work with you to ensure your plate is not only visible from distances but unique and specific to your requirements. Our great selection from anodized aluminum or stainless steel, ensures our plates and labels to be perfectly ideal for any environment. The art department will work closely with you to confirm all details and even include your company logo. Quantities can range up from 1-500 depending on your requirements. All our plates range from a selection of aluminum, anodized aluminum & stainless steel. Compliance Plates Australia can provide all signage for business companies to their specific requirements. For example, Red DANGER signs can be produced for construction sites.

Why would I require a building plate?

Compliance Plates Australia recognizes the importance and necessity to identify hard work, but also to assist the public. Your plate will identify your company and any other special requirements you would like mentioned on your plate. This will not only provide the final touch to any building project, but also allow the public to visually identify your piece of work as your own. So feel free to contact our team and place your order.

Please see our list of previous plates: ;

• - Danger signs
• Caution sighs
• Hazard signs
• IASSET ID plates
• Building plates
• Site office signs
• Roadwork ahead signs

-> Our aim is to deliver exceptional service specific to your building needs.
-> Our promise is to ensure all work orders are completed on time, with no disappointment, and provide professional work for all jobs.


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