Asset ID Labels and Tags, Builders ID Plates

Compliance Plates Australia manufactures any custom, asset ID plates for a variety of industrial application. We can provide blank plates or fully engraved with data required. We have a great selection of coloured anodised aluminium or stainless steel, making our compliance plates unbreakable. Custom made plates to ensure your laser etching or machine engraved data is perfect for your own use. We can also include your company logo and further details. All fabrications are suitable for use in harsh industrial conditions.

We provide the following:

Asset Identification Labels
Builders ID Plates
Appliance test tags
Metal sign labels
IT labels
Computer labels
Asset register labels
ID labels
Asset ID taags

Why would I need Asset ID Plates?

Compliance Plates Australia understands the significants of your valuable assets, so Asset ID Plates provide a permanent visual security marking your asset identification, which is advised by the Australian Police and Insurance Companies.

Requirements of guidelines include:


All to ensure that identifying your property is clear and safe for your own peace of mind to help in the recovery of theft.


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